Russian vintage frogwomen!

Hey, in this old clip that I found there are 2 women, one with full scuba gear and one freediver. Both in great rubber wetsuits…:-)


(click to enlarge)

And here is the video:

LINK: Russian vintage frogwomen!


Unfortunately I don’t know the title. I suppose it is a russian movie from the 60’s or 70’s.

If you know the title… please let us know!

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Female diver goes too deep….

So, I edited another fine scene for you. 3 divers incl. 1 scuba lady are underwater. And of course she gets into (big) trouble…. (what a surprise).

Here is a little preview:

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And here is the full video:

LINK: Female diver goes too deep….


Interesting gear, a good scene, and a nice movie!

Movie title:


Citadel Below – “Second Chance” – Scuba comic – #9

After a break, the series continues…. 2 more pages!


First of all the disclaimer:

Copyright 2014 “Hitoshi Suzuki and JE Tanner, all rights reserved.  Download
for personal use only.  No reproduction, retransmission or alteration
permitted without the express written consent of Hitoshi Suzuki and JE

Here are the 2 pages in full size:

LINK: Citadel Below – “Second Chance” – Scuba comic – #9

Great thing that the series continues….. I was worried.:-)

Frogwoman with vintage scuba gear in a swimming pool! (1959)

Today I wanna try something… I don’t know at all if you folks are interested in stuff like this, but let’s try…

Here is a rare b&w clip from french tv. It’s about a woman who tries to scuba dive in a pool. Do you like stuff like that?

(click to enlarge)

And here is the scubalicious video:

LINK: Frogwoman with vintage scuba gear in a swimming pool! (1959)

Great equipment! I wish the clip would be in color….

Erotic scuba art!

Time for some sexy scuba art! Below you see 4 out of 8 pictures:

And here you can see all 8 pictures in full size:

LINK: Erotic scuba art!

Sexy stuff, or what do you think folks?

Female diver with vintage wetsuit and fancy gear

In this long video (7 minutes) you will see a female scuba diver with some interesting equipment. Including a speargun and a radio system… And her blue rubber wetsuit isn’t so bad either😉

(click to enlarge)

And here is the full video with all the scuba action:

LINK: Female diver with vintage wetsuit and fancy gear

Some rare footage, so…enjoy!

Female scuba divers in combat: Frogwomen underwater battle!

You folks will surely know the epic underwater battle from “Thunderball”. I found this video, which is very similar to the Thunderball battle but it has frogwomen in it! It’s a very well made “cartoon”, but for adults. Check it out, here are some stills:

(click to enlarge)

And here is the VIDEO, check it out….:

LINK: Frogwomen underwater battle!

Very good “movie”, if you ask me. The only thing I would have included would be some ripped/cut air hoses.




A sexy frogwoman above the water…

Here are two little clips from one movie with a sexy frogwoman in a vintage rubbersuit! Unfortunately she can’t be watched in action underwater, but these two scenes are really sexy😉

(click to enlarge)

Here are the two scenes:

LINK: A sexy frogwoman above the water… CLIP 1

LINK: A sexy frogwoman above the water… CLIP 2

Really good vintage stuff if you ask me…:-)

(But of course she would be even greater underwater)

The frogwoman strikes again! (female diver attacks female swimmer)

Remember this scene I showed you weeks ago?


LINK: Female diver attacks man!

Well, I totally forgot that there is another scene with that frogwoman!

A woman arrives at a lake and she enters the water for a nice swim, but below her someone is already waiting for her…. our mysterious female diver (that one who attacked the man on the picture above)!

So, and here is the VIDEO:

LINK: The frogwoman strikes again!

That scene happens before the scene with the man…

Your opinion about it?

A beautiful frogwoman #5 – Mysterious japanese diver!

Today I wanna share some pictures with you… pictures of a japanese frogwoman in full (sexy) scuba gear! Including a great full face mask and a hot rubber suit!

Wanna see the pictures in full size? Here you go:

LINK: Mysterious japanese frogwoman!

Well, imagine that gear in an underwater fight! That would be something!

Frogwoman out of the water

A mysterious frogwoman emerges from the ocean in a 60’s vintage rubber suit!

Here some pics out of the video below:

(click to enlarge)

And here it is, the video:

LINK: Frogwoman out of the water

Rare stuff (at least in color), so I love it! Too bad we don’t see her underwater with that equipment😦

And if you wanna know the title, here is the link:

LiNK: Title of the movie

Female diver attacks man!

So, I have some rare stuff for you… A female diver attacks a man! She pulls him into the water and tries to drown him:-)

They start to fight underwater…. who will win?

(click to enlarge)

So, enough talk, here it is, the VIDEO:

LINK: Female diver attacks man!

Your opinion? 

(I really hate the end of it! WTF! What happens????! – But I love the build up, the fight, the scuba gear of her!)

Some “scuba combat”-art

Here is some nice art from a guy named “Dodger3742″…

Wanna see them in full size? Here’s the link:

LINK: Some “scuba combat”-art

Scubalicious artwork… good stuff!:-)

Swimmer gets attacked by mysterious female diver!

A special “scuba edited” version for you folks! A woman enters a lake for a movie scene, she goes underwater as planned….but she doesn’t go up again! A mysterious frogwoman is attacking her!

(click to enlarge)

And here is the whole video:

LINK: Swimmer gets attacked by mysterious female diver!

That scene can be found in the movie named:

Weep no more, my lady

I really love her scuba outfit!:-) Very hot…

Nice struggle and breathing sounds, BUT…. the camera is way to close! It’s too shaky and murky for my taste… But all in all one of the good female scuba fight scenes! (rare stuff!)

In the Eye of the Hurricane – Female scuba diver gets into trouble!

Here’s another video for you folks! I present the great scuba scenes from the classic “In the Eye of the Hurricane”.

A female scuba diver goes on a dive. What she doesn’t know…someone has sabotaged her gear! After several minutes underwater she doesn’t get oxygen anymore….Can she make it? Or will she drown?

(click to enlarge)

So here is the scene as VIDEO!

LINK: In the Eye of the Hurricane – Female scuba diver gets into trouble!

Great scene with sexy vintage gear!:-)

Frogwoman in and out of the water

Here are some nice pics of an unknown frogwomen with some nice shoots underwater and above the waterline.

(click to enlarge)

Nice suit and air hose😉

Sexy female diver in a great outfit…

In the movie “Amsterdamned” you can see this great scene…

…a female diver climbs out of the water showing her great (rubber) scuba suit.:-)

It’s shame that she never appear underwater in the movie….😦

(and sorry for the poor resolution of the pics…)